Establishment Day – Monday Feb 16th

Join us in celebrating the 395th anniversary of the establishment of the Gard as recorded in Mourt’s Relation, printed 1622:

“Saturday the 17 day [of Feb] , in the morning we called a meeting for the establishing of military Orders amongst our selves, and we chose Miles Standish our Captaine, and we gaue him authorite of command in affayres…”

We will be at Pilgrim Hall Museum from 10 to 3 demonstrating pike and musket drills, reading the militia rules and with special Kid’s Pike Drills.

Come join us!


Coming May 14 thru 17 – Pilgrims and Pirates 1646

Reenacting the visit of three Pirate (Privateer) ships to Plymouth in 1646.

Presented by

New Plimmoth Gard

The Mayflower Society

Pilgrim Hall Museum

Plymouth Antiquarian Society

Free Men of the Sea

Crew of the Mermayde

King Richards Faire – TBD

Carvershire Garde

Colonial Days at Aptucxet Trading Trading Post, Bourne – Late July

Bourne Historical Society

Fridays in August – Pilgrim Progress

August Fridays at 6PM and 10AM on Thanksgiving Day

America’s Hometown Parade and Historic Village

Saturday November 21 – Our signature event!